Micro Economics Question Bank


Micro Economics Question Bank

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Micro Econmics – Question Bank is designed for the elementary
level economics aspirants, thus covering the fundamental
concepts and theories of micro economics. Here, there is
a clear, well marked difference between a Text Book and a
Question Bank. A text book is expository, analytical and illustrative:
it seeks to explain the intricacies and complexities of
the subject matter by penetrating deep into the field covered
by that discipline. This Question Bank has no such ambition.
It presumes that the reader has already acquired a thorough
grasp of the subject through the intensive study of standard
text books. This book aims to enable a student to write
correct, logical, relevant, coherent and impressive answers to
the questions asked of them in the Indian Universities and
other public examinations.
It is no substitute for a text book. The contents of this
book is compiled from various text books and e-sources to
enable an examination oriented student to perform in a better
way. As a teacher and an examiner I found that majority of
the candidates do possess knowledge of the subject in an adequate
measure, but somehow find themselves unable to write
relevant, compact and balanced answers in the examination
hall. The reason is that most of the ‘Guides’ or ‘hand-books’
based on university syllabus that are available in market have
sacrificed basic academic values and thus have degenerated
in to contentless notes which inflict more damage upon and
do less good to the student community.
The present Micro Economics – Question Bank has been
prepared to cater the requirements of UG level Arts and Commerce
students of various Universities. As an introductory
course of instruction it enable the students to explore the
fundamentals of microeconomics. It gives the foundation for
economic analysis and problem solving. This book provides
an introduction to supply and demand and the basic forces
that determine equilibrium in a market economy. It introduces
a framework for learning about consumer behaviour by
analyzing consumer decisions. The book also focuses on firms
and their decisions about optimal production.
An intensive study of a standard text book supplemented
by a careful perusal of the present Question Bank will equip
the student mentally to tackle any question in an ordered

Preface 5
1 Introduction to Microeconomics 7
2 Demand and Supply Analysis 20
3 Theory of Consumer Behaviour 60
4 Theories of
Production and Cost 109
FAQ 167


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